On Andrador.com I share my thoughts on the topic of worldbuilding, provide you with tutorials and tools and I will present my own fantasy world, which I have been working on for many years: Andrador.


Free of costs and advertising (except my own stuff)

Advertising sucks, sucks and sucks. That's why you won't find any ads on this website apart from self-advertising and references e.g. to interesting crowdfunding projects. Also I don't want to sacrifice souls (your data) to the big data collectors. The access to the content is free, but you are welcome to support the project here voluntarily.


Looking beyond the horizon

In this project I take into account as diverse a spectrum of works as possible from authors and try to detach myself from the European perspective. Of course I cannot (and don't want to) replace sources and articles from Own Voices, so I link to them whenever possible.


Read and listen

To facilitate access, I provide an audio version of all articles. You can subscribe to them via RSS-Feed and listen to them e.g. on the way to work or while jogging. Or use it as a sleeping aid.


My name is Christian and I've been at home in fantasy since I was a kid. As a teenager, wearing a Starfleet uniform and Vulcan ears, I attended the local trekdinner and later founded the "Science Fiction & Fantasy Friends Ingolstadt" with like-minded people. More than a quarter of a century ago I immersed myself for the first time with "The Dark Eye" into the world of Pen&Paper roleplaying games and have been playing LARP since 2008. In the past, I was a publisher, later became a book trader and I now offer courses for authors as a lecturer. Most frequently read? Barbara Hambly's Darwath Triology: The Time of the Dark, The Walls of Air, The Armies of Daylight..